Underground Art in Barcelona

People come to Barcelona to see some of the greatest architecture in Spain.  Between Gaudi and the Gothic Quarter, it’s easy to focus on the old so much that you forget the new. But Barcelona’s growing urban art scene is hard to ignore. In fact, many of the most acclaimed Spanish contemporary artists working now are street artists (think Sr. X and Zosen). The entire city is tagged with paint, from the fronts of stores to the sides of buildings.

Graffiti, as well as pop art, are two widely well received and pivotal art movements that have influenced pop surrealism and later LowBrow.  I’ve been a following the Lowbrow art movement for a while now. I started reading Hi-Fructose magazine in High School and never looked back. It’s the “cartoonish” contemporary art you’ve probably seen or been drawn to but could never define. Widewalls does a great job explaining the alternative movement and its current relationship with the Art World. 

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 3.46.03 PM

Wall art by Cane.

Lowbrow art consists of surrealistic, colorful, and unearthly landscapes and characters that provide social commentary or insight to the human condition. I stumbled upon the Lowbrow painter, Cane. working on a series of paintings in Barcelona. His artwork captured my attention immediately since he uses a wide array of high-value colors and (depending on your taste) disconcerting imagery to depict different kinds of relationships. You may feel caught off guard by his artwork, but despite the intense hues and occasionally dark subject matter, all of the paintings are extremely well balanced through their compositions, the art work isn’t overwhelming. It’s amusing to look at. The figures in his work all have brightly colored short hair, some sport mohawks others wear heart shaped sunglasses. All of the accessories the placed on the people serve as a tribute to LowBrows punk roots.

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